Hey there, I’m Craze. Welcome to my online home!


The fact that you are here reading this proves that we share at least some of the same passions. Might be bikes, might be making cool shit, or might just be goofing off. I’m good with any or all of ‘em. As for me, I’m a rambler. I travel around the country making stuff and spending time with folks along the way. We may have met during my travels, or we may meet soon. Either way, I’m better for having interacted with a ton of good folks just like you along the path.


I spend a bunch of my time forcing metal to do things it doesn’t really like to do, all in the name of motorcycles. When I’m through burning, welding, banging, and breaking crap, I blast down the road on it. Some of what I do gets sold to keep this passion going and can be found in the store on here. It’s an ever-changing pot of goodies, and if you see something you can’t live without, just let me know. I strive to bring the highest quality work to the table, and pride myself on keeping in touch with customers through the life of what they get from me. Whether it’s a bike, a part, a piece of artwork, or whatever, you can rest assured that I’ve poured my all into it.


It’s my goal to be able to continue to provide you guys with an ever-changing view into my crazy life with all this stuff.¬†Thanks for being there with me for the ride so far, and look forward to seeing everyone and continuing to grow this story. Hope you like the bikes and BS I make for ya. Take it easy and I’ll see you out there!


Eternal Combustion | Bikes, parts, art, and bad humor!