About a Bike


So you found a steed you dig? Awesome! Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

First off, I don’t do ground-up builds for customers. It’s a thing I have stuck in my head. I can’t possibly build a bike that I am stoked on if it’s all being guided by other people’s ideas. If I’m not completely happy, then I guarantee you won’t be either. I start every build around here with a vision so-to-speak. If I don’t have the view of where a build is going, it doesn’t get built. Things take time, and I’m set to wait until a proper direction pops up before heading down any particular path with metal and motors.

That said, I do take direction from folks who can see where a bike is already headed. That’s why you’re here. You saw something in one of my builds that you like, and now we can talk about how to grow that into something both of us can appreciate and ride the hell out of. Well, at least YOU get to ride the hell out of it! I’ll just miss it when it’s gone.

I don’t limit what we can talk about, but just understand what I said above. For me, it’s all about the soul of the machine, and in order to get that soul active, you have to let the creative process run its course in its own way.

If all that makes some sort of sense to you, and you want to move forward with ideas, and questions, give me a shout at – sales@eternalcombustion.com and we’ll hash it out.

Thanks for looking, and hope to make your next war horse!


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