All New Year and All New Site!

So the new year is upon us, and I figured it was time to finally update stuff around the site. I've been battling with the store for a while now, trying to figure out how to streamline it for selling the custom stuff I'm making. I'm almost done with all that, so for now, you'll have to contact me if you want to give me money for something. Hopefully in a couple weeks, parts and shirts and all the new stuff will be easy to order just like before. That is, as long as I don't shoot the effing computer first!   Go check out the creations page to see what I've been making. Each photo usually has a selector button in the bottom right corner to flip through the different photos of a project. Stuff that's for sale will have a big FOR SALE tag on it for now until I get the store functional again.   Thanks to all of you for hanging around over the years, and here's to many more to come! I'll be venturing out on the road again this year sometime before summer. Keep checking in here and on my Instagram feed @craze_eternalcombustion to find out where and when I'll be around. Makes it easy to avoid me or buy me a beer, whichever suits your fancy!   See ya out there!

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